Egg Garden

A while ago I got to thinking about how to display dyed Easter eggs.  Usually we put them back in their carton in the fridge.  Refrigeration is a good idea, but I still wanted something cute.  I came up with the idea to make flowers out of toilet paper rolls.  I like using household items to make something pretty. 

One egg holder is no help at all, so I needed a garden.  A garden needs a little fence.  I had a box from a bakery (those brown doughnut boxes) and it looked to be just the right size.  I cut down the sides and covered them with some green tape.  Then I used hot glue and little tiny Popsicle sticks to make a picket fence.  I used scissors to cut points on the Popsicle sticks because that’s fency. 

I filled the box with green Easter grass.  I hate Easter grass so I glued it down with lots of hot glue so it won’t come loose and I won’t go crazy picking it up all over the house.

As for the flowers, I drew a flower freehand.  Then I sat at the computer for an hour perfecting a completely not-freehand flower because I can’t stand petals that are different sizes.  I made 3 different sizes of flowers just for variety.  I cut slits in the middle so I could glue the flower to the cardboard tube  I put a little strip of a different color around the inside.

Finally I wrapped green yarn around and around the tube/stem of each flower.   I hot glued the flowers into the flower garden box with short flowers in front and taller ones in the back.  Voila, flower garden to hold eggs:

I wanted to make something completely disposable because I don’t have anywhere to keep all the stuff I make.  That’s why it’s made mostly out of paper and cardboard.  This little garden was a lot of work though, so I don’t see myself throwing it away any time soon.

P.s. One day, after I had been working on this project for a while, I saw that FamilyFun’s website made flower Easter egg holders from toilet paper rolls too.  I thought I had a pretty original idea here, but I was wrong.  All well, I still like mine.