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The Perfect Frosting

I am on a quest for perfect frosting.  I went to a cake decorating class at the church last month and it was so fun.  What really got me though was the taste of the frosting.  It was sooo good.   This inspired my quest.  You see I am supposed to be gluten free but that is so hard when faced with a beautiful cake from Costco or some other grocery store.  I just love cake with bakery frosting.  Now that Betty Crocker has gluten free cake mixes I’m one step closer eating cake with out killing myself but it’s the frosting that I can’t get right.  And so begins the quest.

After trying a bunch of recipes I think I have found a winner.  Check out my pretty cake:

Obviously I’m no decorator but the frosting tasted divine.  I used a recipe I found online I added a teaspoon of meringue powder and a teaspoon of salt.  I think I used too much water because the frosting didn’t hold it’s shape.  The shape wasn’t all that pretty anyway, I have much to learn.  My quest didn’t include learning to decorate though.  It was a tasty frosting quest and I think I’m near the end.  I have eaten a lot of cake to get there.  Do you want a piece?  I’m looking for excuses to make more cake so I can try variations on my new frosting find.