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Crepe Paper Rose Heart

I love the roses I learned to make on Filth Wizardry. I make them all the time.  Not because I have any reason, just because they make me happy.  I would show you how I make the roses, but that would be silly when there’s such a great tutorial video on Filth Wizardry!  My newest creation from crepe paper roses is this wreath.

I got the idea for a crepe paper rose wreath from At Second Street.  Her roses are beautiful, but I wanted to try a similar concept with different roses.

First, I cut out a heart shape from a piece of cardboard, specifically a ritz cracker box.  When I make a rose, I have to have a stem so I used a hole punch and made holes for each rose.  Then I threaded the rose stems through the holes.

Next I hot glued the stems on the back side and clipped off the extra stem parts.  When all of the roses were glued in place I made green leaves and glued them around the outside of the heart.

To make the leaves I just folded a piece of crepe paper in half and cut the top like a leaf and twisted the bottom.   I was going to glue another piece of cardboard to the back, but I’m not that tidy.

Glue a piece of ribbon to the back of your wreath, and you’re done.  Beautiful results for not so much work.  It does take a while to make all of the roses (I think there are about 60) but you can do that while you’re watching some romantic valentines movie….or watching some action adventure because you’d rather be sitting next to your valentine.