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Crochet Bracelet

Welcome back to my blog.  I’m sorry It’s been so long.  Crafting took a wee vacation from my house.  That’s not entirely true but many of my attempts at fun crafts turned out….well….unblog-worthy.  After sewing through my finger I decided that maybe I needed to take a break.  I’m back though and soon my sister will be contributing to the blog too.  She’s awesome so you can get excited.

Today’s blog post is something I  came up with about 30 min before church.  I wanted a cute bracelet to wear with a new outfit but I didn’t have anything that matched.  I pulled out some stuff I had and crocheted myself a bracelet.  I only had time to make one then, but I have made more since (and I plan to make even more.)

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own pretty crochet bracelets.

Jelly Bracelets

embroidery thread

A crochet hook

White Glue (if you want to starch them)

I got my bracelets and thread at Honks Dollar store on .88 cent Tuesday.  This means that each bracelet only costs about .22 cents to make.   A cheapskate such as myself get’s pretty excited about that.

All you need to do now is tie a knot with the thread around the bracelet and then single crochet all the way around.  I didn’t really count my stitches.  I just crochet until the bracelet is completely covered and I can’t see bits of bracelet peeking through.  When you get all the way around join the end with a slip stitch into the beginning single crochet.


Next I crochet a different border around each bracelet.  Some picots, some ruffles, some scallops.  I’m still thinking of other borders I can crochet.  Most of these only take one little skein of thread, but if you do a stitch that takes more, you might need to use a little of a second skein.


That’s it, just weave in your end and your done. Well, mostly.  After a while I found that my borders were curling.  It bothered me.  I decided to starch my bracelets to make them stand out better.



To starch them I mixed 1 cup of water with 1 tsp of white school glue.  I dunked the bracelets then set them out on wax paper, pulling out the little picots and scallops.  I don’t know how long they will stay starchy but I do like the results so I will be doing this with all of my bracelets from now on.  Do you want to make some bracelets?  You should because it’s cheap, easy, and the results are pretty fun.

Before Starching

After Starching