Finger Knit Bracelet

Hello devoted reader.  Wow is it just me, or did summer fly by?  It’s been a mad dash to get in all of the fun we possibly could.  We vacationed, we camped, we swam, we reunioned, We’ve done it all!  Now it is time to get back to some sort of routine.  School is back in session, and so am I.

I don’t make new years resolutions but I make back to school resolutions and this year I have many.  The usual resolutions like lose weight, eat healthier, craft more, things like that.  So my drive to craft is only stronger now than it ever was.  And boy do I have ideas.  They float about my head just waiting to be made and then blogged about.  These crafts in my brain are still un-crafted though so for a little while I might have to post some things from the past.  Here, for instance, is a lovely bracelet that I learned to make a while ago.  Have you ever tried finger knitting?  Well I saw a lovely post by V and Co. on how to make a finger knit bracelet out of t-shirt yarn.  Remember how I love t-shirt yarn?  Well, dear reader, I saw this and I simply had to make one

I had never once finger knitted though.  Crazy thing is, I had a lot of trouble with it.  I can knit up a storm, but finger knitting proved challenging.  I think it was because I just couldn’t understand it using only the photos  on V and Co.’s web site.  I found a video that helped though (this is a different technique than is shown on the V and Co website, but the results are the same.)  Once I got the hang of it, my little 7  year old wanted to learn.  He’s awesome at it, as you can see.  Well once you learn, it’s as easy as can be to make a bracelet out of T-shirt yarn.  I made one the other day in the car on my way to a wedding (I wasn’t driving).  Seriously  this takes 10 min to make.  You can make them out of anything too.  Jersy knit is stretchy so it makes it a little easier but wouldn’t it be lovely to make one out of rope?  Oh or ribbon, or wire? So many options.