Candy Sushi

Finished Sushi

When my oldest son turned 7 last month he chose to have a ninja party.  There aren’t many party ideas out there for a ninja party so I came up with a few of my own ideas (look for more ninja party posts later).  One Idea I did find online was candy sushi.  It seemed to go with the theme.  My little guy doesn’t like chocolate or cake so it also seemed like a fun alternative.  My first attempt at making candy sushi was…well it wasn’t great.  The second time around though it went really smoothly.  Maybe I can help you avoid my mistakes!Ingredients


40 big marshmallows

6 cups Rice Krispies

3Tbs margarine

Cooking Spray

1 pkg Fruit Roll-Ups

1 pkg gummy worms

So you start by making Rice Krispie Treats.  Here’s some instructions if you don’t know how.  If you do, go on to step 2

Step 1:  Place marshmallows and margarine in a bowl.  Cook in microwave for  2 min, stir then microwave for 1 min. 30 sec.  Stir again, then add Rice Krispies.  stir and stir and stir some more.

Step 2:  Spread Rice Krispie mixture into a cookie sheet lined with wax paper and sprayed with cooking spray.  Don’t skip the cooking spray.  It’s important.  Let this cool for about 5 min.

Gummy WormsStep 3:  Place gummy worms close to the edge of the pan.  I have seen people use licorice but i like gummy worms better.  I put 2 side by side all the way across the pan.

Rolling The SushiStep 4:  Pick up the wax paper and use it to help you roll the rice krispy around the gummy worms.  Use a big knife to cut along the edge of your roll then squish the roll with your hands to make sure the gummies are secure in the middle of the roll.  I do this entire step with the wax paper around the roll, it’s just less messy that way.

Wrap With Fruit RollupStep 5: Now you are going to wrap the roll you just made in a Fruit Roll-Up.  This is when I ran into the most problems, so I will impart my Fruit Roll-Up wisdom on to you.  I couldn’t get the thing off the wax paper it comes in.  It kept tearing and I kept cursing.  I figured out that if you put the Roll-Ups in the fridge for a couple of min. it helps alot.  I also couldn’t fit the Roll-Up around my roll.  I don’t know if I made the roll too large or what, but I learned that you can stretch a Fruit Roll-Up quite a bit and it’s much easier to do that before you wrap it around your roll.  Be gentle though, it will tear and you will curse. Now you Squish the the whole thing with your hands.  That helps the Fruit Roll-Up stick better to the Rice Krispie roll.

Step 6: Move your Roll-Up covered roll to a cutting board and use a good knife to cut 1-2 inch slices.  Sometimes the gummy worms jump out.  Just stick ’em back in.

Finished Sushi

Step 7: Place on some kind of sushi appropriate dish and revel in your cleverness.  I don’t have a sushi appropriate dish so I just used a tray.  Lame.