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St. Patrick’s Day Wall Hanging

I love St. Patrick’s day.  I love it because my favorite color is green.  I used to hate it, I’m not a fan of pinching.  The point is that I’m excited about this week’s craft because it’s GREEN!

I started with some green cotton yarn (my favorite is Peaches ‘n Cream brand but Walmart stopped carrying it.  Jerks replaced it with a brand with a similar name but not similar quality. )

I buy my cotton on cones but I’m sure that you could make this with a couple of balls of one color and one ball of the other.

You will need :

2 Colors of green cotton yarn

H and a G crochet hooks

1/3 a yard of 2 different green printed fabrics

a sheet of foam board

a glue gun.

cut your fabric into 12 inch squares.  Two of one color and one of the other color.  Then cut your foam board into 10 inch squares.  I use foam board because it’s cheap (i get mine at the dollar store), and because it’s light weight.  I can hang my finished product with blue putty sticky stuff and no walls are damaged.

I wanted these to look like canvases so I glued together 2 squares of foam board to get a thicker look. Next, using a glue gun I stretched the fabric over the foam board and glued it around the edges on the back.

All you need now are some shamrocks.  My large shamrocks were made from a pattern for shamrock potholders designed by Priscilla Hewitt.  I made 2 but I only made the front side of them (the pattern tells you to make it double sided).  Next I made a whole bunch of little shamrocks using a pattern from Suzies Stuff.  They are super fun to make.  I glued one big shamrock in the center of two of the squares then glued the little shamrocks on the contrasting square.  That’s all. UPDATE:  Sorry about my spelling in this post.  I really need to proofread better.  Also, I love my camera, she’s my dear friend, but sometimes we don’t get along at all.  She’s being mean to me lately and we’re working it out together but in the mean time my photos look bad.  We both apologize.