Paper Mache Hearts

I think my favorite blog in the world is Dollar Store Crafts.  Heather is a miracle worker, and I’m a big fan of the way she turns the cheap into the beautiful.  Back in October she made paper mache skulls that were so cool, I just had to try it with hearts. I thought it might be cute to use construction paper instead of news paper because then they’d be scrappy and pink. This worked out great, except that I had to leave the paper to soak for a lot longer than an hour.  After about 6 hours I was able to break the paper apart with my hands, but the mixer did nothing but spit the paper around. (See the skull tutorial to see what I’m talking about.)  I love the way they turned out.  The only problem now is that I don’t know what to do with them.  Any ideas?

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  • Sarah:

    Could you put holes in them with a needle and thread them for decorations or as beads?
    They are so adorable, you have to do -something- with them!

  • Beatriz:

    Stamp or write a message on each one and give them out.
    Make a hole at the bottom and stick a skewer in it and display it on a plant or a cake.
    Include them inside a piñata.
    Make them into pencil toppers.
    Use them as a tag on a gift.
    Wedding placement hearts (cards).
    A teacher token.
    Add ribbon for Christmas ornaments.
    Throw them into a pretty bowl and display in the living room or bathroom.

  • Claudia:

    -Make a Heart Tree. cut a small branch off a tree that has a lot of little branches (dogwood trees are ideal) and hang the hearts. Or just make a wire tree yourself. Also you could paint the “tree” red or silver.
    -Make flowers or clovers. Glue the points together and place on a skewer. Paint skewer green. Cut and glue leaves on. Place in decorative container. For clovers use green paper.
    -Make a mobile. Use tiny eye screws or wire a loop at the top of each heart and hang from rods.

  • Amanda:

    i love this idea that is what i would do for my class and that is so very smart but how did you make it i need to know in order to do it thank you Ms. Amanda Hazlett

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